Everything about the remakes you didn’t know were being made

They can go by a different name—some call them “reimaginings,” others call them “reboots”—but no matter how they’re being promoted, one thing is for sure: Hollywood is certainly churning out a lot of remakes these days. At first, that might sound awful, but let’s remember that classic movies like Ocean’s Eleven, The Thing, and Scarface were all based on earlier films.

With that optimistic outlook in mind, it’s time to set our sights on the future and look at all the remakes the movie industry has in the works. But instead of talking about high-profile pictures like It or Mulan, let’s delve a bit deeper and focus on some of the movies that, for whatever reason, aren’t getting quite as much attention as the others. We’ve scoured the release schedule and rounded everything up, and from classic crime comedies to gritty revenge thrillers, here’s everything about the remakes you didn’t know were being made.


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