People who Activate and Desactivate You

Imagine a moment in your life when you set a goal for yourself.

‘I’m going to quit smoking.’

‘I’m going to lose 20 pounds to shape up for summer.’

‘I’m going to start running because I miss doing exercise.’

‘I’m going to learn Portuguese because I want to watch Brazilian soap operas in their original language.’

In fact, you can think of any objective that you’ve started but for some reason never completed. Say the circumstances were not good or you were just lazy, it doesn’t matter.

    Now I ask you to remember your friends and your family’s reaction when you told them about what you took a stab at. Now I ask you to think of those who got excited about the news. They might have said: “Bring it on!”

“You have quite a job on your hands but my fingers are crossed!”

  The point is that you need those people who supported you. They are going to be your pillars on your way. If you stumble on the way, they are going to raise your spirit. They are going to guard and protect your self-esteem. Their opinion is going to be more important than anyone else’s.

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