Why Drink Water Infused Beverages?

What You Need to Get Started Infusing water is incredibly simple.

Theoretically it is possible to make all kinds of flavored water: There are recipes that involve infusion bottles, blenders, boiling, infusion pitchers using a wide range of ingredients. In reality, most people would like to keep things easy. If healthy living is your lifestyle, there is no need to over complicate the making of infused waters. Think about fruits and vegetables that would infuse into water easily, these are often high juice fruits vegetables. Herbs and spices can also be added for that extra flavor burst. Variety is the spice of life!


The easiest recipes just take a minute or two to make, and require very few supplies. First, choose an infuser bottle, jar or pitcher in which to make your infused water.

If you like infused waters on a regular basis, you can consider purchasing a special fruit infusion pitcher or bottle or fruit infusion water bottle, which is portable. However, they are not at all necessary, just regular water storage containers work just as well, though sometimes the process can get messy. Besides containers, another tool you might need is a wooden spoon, masher or muddler for crushing or mashing fruits and herbs.

The ingredients are typically just water, fruit and herbs, sometimes vegetables and spices. You can choose any fruit you like. The only exception is bananas, because their structure is too thick and they get stuck in the container. Just make sure the fruit are soft and ripe. This will also improve the sweetness and flavor of the end product. Citrus fruit and berries are the most popular due to their sweet and refreshing taste. Pineapple and watermelon can make your water sweeter. You can also experiment with vegetables like cucumber, and add ice to your infused water. Another neat idea is adding spices like cinnamon to your home-made beverages.

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